Who am I? Well, I wear many hats. I’m an actress, hand model, Mama and entrepreneur. If you googled me you probably figured that out, but lets take this a step further – My name is not pronounced Sarah Siadat. Surprise! It’s actually pronounced “Sa-da” “See-A-Dot”. 

Acting has literally taken me around the world. I’ve been able to work in Oregon, New York, Minneapolis, Dubai, and it ultimately landed me in Los Angeles. I studied and worked as an actress for 9 years in New York and after years of performing on stage I wanted a change. I jumped into an on-camera class and to my surprise I discovered my true calling as an actress was story telling in front of the camera. This is when everything changed! 

I’ve booked roles on VEEP, GRIMM, Pretty Little Liars: The perfectionsist, Grown’ish to name a few. I also worked with the award winning Mixed Blood Theater in MN and performed for four years in the New York Arab American Comedy Festival. 

As a hand model I have worked with such brands as Target, T-Mobile, OPI nail polish, Hotels.com and McDonalds. 

In addition to acting, I’ve added entrepreneur to my resume with my business Mentoring For Actors. Through one-on-one coaching I help actors bridge the gap between wanting to become an actor and making that dream a reality.

I have no idea where my acting adventures will take me next and it doesn’t really matter, because I know it will lead me to another great story. 

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