Hands & The Hero Sandwich

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What a fun day on set, it was my first shoot where the star of the day was a hamburger referred to as the  “hero sandwich” and it was no joke, I don’t even eat burgers and it looked amazing. The food preparation for this commercial was it’s own art form. You better believe that those buns  glistened.. hamburger buns that is. 

As a hand model nail polish and jewelry are generally what a wardrobe fitting consists of, but not for McDonalds. I was in FULL uniform all the way to the hat and the apron, my sole responsibility was to bring the tray carrying the precious cargo to the customer with a steady confidant hand. The shoot went great, the director kept saying, “you’re doing great, just make sure you don’t trip” He had a sick sense of humor. 

As an actor telling people I’m also a hand model may be one of the most entertaining parts of meeting them. The reactions are always the same, “can I see your hands” as I reach my hands out for them to examine I can’t help but crack up as they proceed to check out my hands as if they are not actually part of me. All I can say is, I had nothing to do with their castabiltiy, but thanks mom and dad for passing along some employable hands. 

Keep an eye out this winter for the hands the bring in the burger for McDonalds.

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